About Us

Superior Foundation is a company offering foundation repair service to property owners in Nacogdoches and other Texas cities. At Superior Foundation, we service a variety of foundations. Whether you’re having major foundation trouble or have recently discovered cracks in your foundation, our dedicated team can provide you with prompt, efficient service.

If you’ve noticed issues affecting your house or structure, the foundation repair services we offer can be of great benefit to you. So ask us to stop by and evaluate your foundation. You can count on us to make your property stable. If you require assistance with a slab or beam and pier foundation, we’re the trained professionals to call. We deal with troublesome issues ranging from cracked slabs to sinking pier and beam foundations. It’s important to recognize that many different things can compromise the integrity of your structure’s foundation. If worn pipes are causing leaks in your plumbing system, they may cause harm to your foundation. Soil that expands and contracts can also lead to foundation settling. Expansive clay soil is one of the primary causes of damaged foundations. Believe it or not, trees can also be the source of foundation concerns. Because their roots suck moisture from the earth, they can contribute to frustrating foundation woes.

If you’ve noticed issues affecting your house or structure, the foundation repair services we offer can be of great benefit to you. So ask us to stop by and evaluate your foundation. You can count on us to make your property stable.

Our Services

Foundation Repair

Slab & Pier and Beam foundation repair. House, apartment and commercial foundation repair. To find out about pricing on your house foundation, have us perform an inspection today. To get started, just schedule a free house foundation repair estimate online today.

Concrete Repair

Lift any concrete surface from driveways, patios and sidewalks without having to replace them and at a much lower cost. When you’re in need of an expert driveway and concrete repair service, we’re the company that is best able to complete your project. Call us today.

Driveway Repair

We fix cracks in all types of surfaces. You should repair cracks as soon as you see them in the surface of your property. What starts out as a hairline crank can quickly become large or morph into an uneven surface.

Drainage Correction

Retaining walls, French drains and water proofing. Anything to keep water from standing around or going under your house eliminating erosion and foundation problems.

Tunneling for Plumbing Repair

For plumbing repairs to eliminate replacing expensive flooring as well as breaking your slab and weakening the integrity and structure of your home.

Our Process


First, we send a professional foundation repair specialist to your house for a thorough structural inspection both outside and inside the residence. We use a Zip Level altimeter to measure elevations throughout the home to confirm the visual inspection data we gathered. After reviewing all data and coming up with a Root Cause Analysis for the problem at hand, we will sit down and explain all options to repair only what is structurally needed to permanently stabilize your home. We will take the time to carefully review all data in a way that makes sense. Be wary of other companies’ scare tactics used to sell additional piers.


After the scope of work has been approved, our well-seasoned, professional crew will begin the first steps of protecting your biggest investment. We will lay out the locations for the piers to be installed and begin excavating at each location. We take exceptional care to protect your lawn, landscaping and vegetation. We are able to tie back trees and bushes rather than remove them and replant later which often results in loss of life of the plant or bush. The holes we dig are 24” wide by 24” and approximately 2-feet below your foundation slab to position our hydraulic electric jack.


Next, we setup 22-ton jacks on each pier and prepare to lift the house back to as close to original elevation as possible. We use a measuring device on the outside of the house as well as using our Zip Level altimeter on the inside to fine tune the lift. Once the house has been lifted we check all measurements compared to elevations from the time of estimate and review all structural cracks to identify a successful lift. Once our team has lifted the house, we then lock in the pipe and bracket using our lock in system. Our system makes for the best results during the transfer of weight. After all piers are tightened, we release the pressure from the jacks, transferring the weight to the piers while verifying that there was no movement during this process.

Clean Up

Finally, is time for the cleanup process. Our team is methodical in this part of the job because we believe in leaving each property in a better condition than when we arrived. We start off by cutting off all steel pipes that may be sticking out of ground. Next, we cover up the hole using the soil we placed on the plastic sheets, and then compacting the soil with a large heavy duty tamper. When this is complete, we wash down the sidewalks and driveways, porches and all areas that may have been effected by our work. We leave the house looking clean and in order. Lastly we will come to your door and walk you through the whole process and leave all final documentation of the work that was done. One of our managers is on site at all times, from the pushing of the piers to the final clean up. Aside from your newly stabilized home, you will never know we were there. Call us today for a free estimate.